Best niches for writers?

Hey guys,

What is your experience to get more customers for a particular niche? What I mean, is what niche has a great reach in writing articles and blogs in general?

How to market a website to defeat older giants

I want to market this website,, in order to compete with Coinmarketcap or Coingeko. Until now, the proven banners have given some success, but we are still looking for other methods. Press releases, quality articles, etc. do they work on a website that has just started acquiring users or is it more of a developed website?
Thanks for all the ideas because it's the first time I'm doing this and the budget is not for my experiences …
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Permissions – How to get back to the manager level in Team Drive I've created?

I created a Google Team Drive and I automatically became responsible. Then I lowered my level of content manager.

I realized that I could not add or delete members because I had lost my qualification as a manager.

How can I return to the manager level to add or remove members?

windows 7 – Antivirus false positive, can not create a file with this name in this folder

I use Windows 64 Pro and program in Java with Eclipse. I use Launch4J to take a jar file for a desktop application and convert it to a Windows EXE file so that it can be run by double-clicking the EXE file, can be installed, can have an icon etc. I have already used it successfully before on this particular Dell laptop.

I have recently used it on another program; When I ran the program I had created with Launch4J, BitDefender Antivirus posted a message stating that it had detected malware in the new file and quarantined both copies.

I used BitDefender's tools to whitelist the program, believing that neither my code nor the Java runtime (or Launch4J) contained any malware. Then I could run the program.

I made changes to the program and tried to generate it again with Launch4J. This produced a message that I had not seen before, which basically said "we can not create the file". I deleted the file and generated generated the same message.

After doing a lot of work, making sure to view all the files, looking through the command line interface, etc., I tried to use a name of different file. It worked.

All that I have done since supports the theory that something prevents me from creating a file with the original file name in one of the two folders from which BitDefender has quarantined it. Creating this file in another folder works fine, but I can not copy it to any of these folders.

BitDefender's customer support, which is normally pretty good, has gone through 4 to 5 email pairs with me and finally said they could not detect any malware in the executable file. I think that a language barrier, or perhaps a duration of attention, prevents them from understanding what is my problem.

I would not even know how to produce that effect if I wanted to. Can anyone tell me anything that could cause this, or correct it now that it has been caused?

azure – Microsoft Live app moved … where?

Many years ago, I registered a website as an app with Live! so that users can connect to the website using their Live credentials. The application has a key format like 0000000048XXXXXX and a secret that the website's server uses when talking to the service.

I have not touched this configuration since. In the meantime, Azure has developed and much of the service infrastructure has been changed.

And I can not find my application anymore. Does anyone know where Microsoft has moved these services and where I can now access the settings of my application?

tagging – How to clean hierarchical tags when adding new levels in Digikam?

I guess you're not able to do that, because that would defeat the purpose of nesting.

You can create the same tag a second time outside this hierarchy, but the point of


Is Ant and Cat are the two Animals, but not all Animal is a Mammal and or Cat.

Therefore, when you search for the tag Animalyou will find all Animals. When you search Mammals, you will only find Mammals – and so on.

If, on the other hand, you had a flat search:


then there is no way that a picture only tagged Cat will be found by searching Animal.

In theory, you could have a routine that does the hierarchy automatically, so while the image contains only the tag Cat, your program puts it in Animals etc. I do not know if DigiKam (or any other program) can do it, and it probably would not be the best idea, because it's possible that the tags are ambiguous (for example, Cat also reference to Caterpillar Inc. machines).

How can I solve the double integral $ iint e ^ {sin (x) cos (y)} dxdy qquad qquad x ^ {2} + y ^ {2} leq $ 4

How can I solve the double integral $ iint e ^ {sin (x) cos (y)} dxdy qquad qquad and qquad x ^ {2} + y ^ {2} leq $ 4

nodejs – How to secure the node application?

Say you run a node application on port 5000 and this node application is an internal service to the main program. However, many software programmers may also know that the node application runs on port 5000 according to the usual mode of operation of the "main program". A malicious character can mount continuous calls on this port of your server via a routine. After a few minutes, he may drop this node application. So, here's the question: how to detect such malicious calls from this port or from another port then refuse such calls?

Thank you.

woocommerce – How to bulk download a csv file containing data from custom text fields?

I create an online store with WooCommerce. I have 2,000 products that require up to 5 custom text fields for customers to customize before adding them to the shopping cart.

All products are already on the site. I have a CSV file with the headers below to add custom text fields.

How to bulk download custom text fields?


I can use WP All Import to add custom text fields to each product.

Thank you so much.