magento2 – Migration of data from Magento 1 to Magento 2 causing a validation exception error

I am currently trying to migrate my Magento 1 data to Magento 2.

The versions are Magento for the original and Magento 2.2.7 for the new.

I've cloned the Magento 1 database on my Magento 2 site site and changed the configuration file to the following location:

httpdocs / vendor / magento / data migration tool / etc /
opensource-to-opensource / / config.xml

and has it configured as follows:

            Migration  Step  Settings  Integrity
            Migration  Step  Settings  Data
            Migration  Step  Stores  Integrity
            Migration  Step  Stores  Data
            Migration  Step  Stores  Volume
            Migration  Step  DataIntegrity  Integrity
            Migration  Step  Eav  Integrity
            Migration  Step  Eav  Data
            Migration  Step  Eav  Volume
            Migration  Step  Client  Integrity
            Migration  Step  Client  Data
            Migration  Step  Client  Volume
            Migration  Step  Map  Integrity
            Migration  Step  Map  Data
            Migration  Step  Map  Volume
            Migration  Step  UrlRewrite  Version191to2000
            Migration  Step  UrlRewrite  Version191to2000
            Migration  Step  UrlRewrite  Version191to2000
            Migration  Step  Log  Integrity
            Migration  Step  Log  Data
            Migration  Step  Log  Volume
            Migration  Step  Ratings  Integrity
            Migration  Step  Ratings  Data
            Migration  Step  Ratings  Volume
            Migration  Step  ConfigurablePrices  Integrity
            Migration  Step  ConfigurablePrices  Data
            Migration  Step  ConfigurablePrices  Volume
            Migration  Step  OrderGrids  Integrity
            Migration  Step  OrderGrids  Data
            Migration  Step  OrderGrids  Volume
            Migration  Step  TierPrice  Integrity
            Migration  Step  TierPrice  Data
            Migration  Step  TierPrice  Volume
            Migration  Step  SalesIncrement  Integrity
            Migration  Step  SalesIncrement  Data
            Migration  Step  SalesIncrement  Volume
            Migration  Step  Postprocessing  Data
            Migration  Step  Client  Delta
            Migration  Step  Client  Volume
            Migration  Step  Map  Delta
            Migration  Step  Map  Volume
            Migration  Step  Log  Delta
            Migration  Step  Log  Volume
            Migration  Step  OrderGrids  Delta
            Migration  Step  OrderGrids  Volume
            Migration  Step  SalesIncrement  Delta
            Migration  Step  SalesIncrement  Volume
        etc / opensource-to-opensource / / map.xml.dist
        etc / opensource-to-opensource / map-eav.xml.dist
        etc / opensource-to-opensource / eav-document-groups.xml.dist
        etc / opensource-to-opensource / eav-attribute-groups.xml.dist
        etc / opensource-to-opensource / map-log.xml.dist
        etc / opensource-to-opensource / log-document-groups.xml.dist
        etc / opensource-to-opensource / settings.xml.dist
        etc / opensource-to-opensource / map-customer.xml.dist
        etc / opensource-to-opensource / customer-document-groups.xml.dist
        etc / opensource-to-opensource / client-attribute-groups.xml.dist
        etc / opensource-to-opensource / deltalog.xml.dist
        etc / opensource-to-opensource / order-grids-document-groups.xml.dist
        etc / opensource-to-opensource / map-document-groups.xml.dist
        etc / opensource-to-opensource / class-map.xml.dist
        etc / opensource-to-opensource / / map-tier-price.xml.dist
        etc / opensource-to-opensource / map-stores.xml.dist
        %percent%% [%bar%] Time remaining:% remaining%
        opensource to opensource
        SET NAMES utf8;
        SET NAMES utf8;


The problem is now when I run the following command:

migration php bin / magento: parameters --reset vendor / magento / data migration tool / etc / opensource-to-opensource / / config.xml

I receive the following error

enter the description of the image here

I guess it's an error with the database names but I'm not sure what they seem to be named correctly.

If anyone knows why this error occurs, I would appreciate any information.

Thank you

object orientation – Crud in PHP OO "Uncaught ArgumentCountError"

I am learning the existence of PHP OO and I am creating a CRUD project. I am trying to list the data from the database, but when I try to list them, the error returned will show:

Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to work
process :: __ construct ()

My indexing code:

listaru ($ conn); foreach ($ users as $ row):?>
Name Related categories Phone
Surname> email?> phone?>


class process {
private name $, $ email, $ phone;

public service __construct ($ name, $ email, $ phone) {
$ this-> name = $ name;
$ this-> phone = $ phone;
$ this-> email = $ email;

class views {
public service listaru ($ conn) {

$ users = array ();

$ result = mysqli_query ($ conn, "SELECT * FROM user");

while ($ rows = mysqli_fetch_assoc ($ result)) {

$ user = new processes ();

$ user-> name = $ rows['nome'];
$ user-> email = $ rows['email'];
$ user-> phone = $ rows['telefone'];

array_push ($ users, $ user);


returns $ users;

It even shows the

does not show the content of the

pathfinder – Ways to move / teleport to improve the mobility of a remote fighter

I peeked around and, after what I understood, stealth rules seem to be a sore spot in DnD / Pathfinder systems.

What I am looking for requires two separate questions that I have not found an answer to:

I am mainly a Dex character player and have therefore experimented with some versions (mainly Rogues, Strange, I know), one of which was a Sniper inspired by this thread. Its main attractions are that Stealth effectively protects you from most attacks (most versions of Dex that I've built being spongy, but that Reflex saves insane backups to escape AoE) and allows a thief to Sneak sneakily and inflict huge damage.

I could not locate the rule regarding the enchanted weapon used there, so I settled for a squatting crossbow and some feats to lighten the -20 control check at Stealth after firing.
The main disadvantage is that it is very difficult to hide once you have been spotted and that things tend to get spoiled when a short-range character manages to reach your vincinity (hello , a great, barbarous, regenerating villain using a huge ax).

The fact that you have to lie down to reduce the stealth penalty means that you have to get up before you start running, which poses a mobility problem. And the construction requires a crossbow or a firearm – the first being incredibly inferior to the long bow and the last rarely allowed.

I was looking for interactions between Shadowdancers and Rogue Snipers for obvious reasons: the Shadowdancer has the gift of hiding its secrets, which allows you to perform a stealth test once you are spotted (and strangely, it does not happen). indicates no type of penalty on your check.) regarding the fact that you are in view) and the Shadow Jump, for quick relocation / escape.

A sneaky sniper teleporting seems an interesting prospect, but I have two questions (another here):

Shadow Jump's ability works like Door of dimension to spell. As far as I know, this is a delocalization at the cost of a standard stock that does not allow any further action this turn.

Is there a combination of operations / class features that allow a person to move with a lower cost of action and allow an attack on the same turn? (Preferably while keeping the stealth – using only Paizo materials).

macOS: identifies the tool and the keyboard shortcut

When I was working on a project in Xcode, when I was trying to take a screenshot, I mistakenly called a random keyboard shortcut Order + shift + 4 that I really wanted to invoke.

He was showing the next screen with three tabs (Screen Capture, Screen Recording and a third item I do not remember anymore) at the top. It also shows a smaller view where a square was divided into four with a few coordinates and a color code at the bottom:

enter the description of the image here

I tried, but I could no longer reproduce the keyboard shortcut. What is the tool and what is the exact shortcut? I'm using a 15-inch MacBook Pro with US keyboard international late 2013.

Why do the Ravens prefer to lose in playoffs than to play the 3rd best quarterback in the NFL playoffs?

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