centos – sentilo.cumuluscity.es permanently closed

First of all, I am a complete novice responsible for administering a Centos server.
Please, do not tell me that I have no business as an administrator, I already know it.
At the present time, 2 databases (dedicated IP addresses) are locked in a close waiting state. I looked for previous answers but I did not find anything that seems relevant to me.

Some time ago, a host reporting a DDoS attack on Google by a host reported an abuse and the server was powered off. During the reboot, most of the site appeared but two IP addresses refuse a connection, both are innoDB via MySQL.

I have restarted Apache, MySQL, httpd but nothing has changed.
nmap reports that everything is open except port 8090 and that's all I have.

lsof -I gives this: (it's a partial screendump)

bf2 27365 game 23u IPv4 66614567 0t0 TCP *: 8090 (LISTENING)
bf2 27365 game 24u IPv4 66982931 0t0 TCP localhost.localdomain: 8090-> sentilo.cumuluscity.es:43870 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 25u IPv4 66931682 0t0 TCP bf2web.gamespy.com:8090->sentilo.cumuluscity.es:41128 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 26u IPv4 66931713 0t0 TCP static-ip-85-25-27-12.inaddr.ip-pool.com:8090->sentilo.cumuluscity.es:60588 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 27u IPv4 67449865 0t0 TCP localhost.localdomain: 8090-> sentilo.cumuluscity.es:32988 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 28u IPv4 67879484 0t0 TCP localhost.localdomain: 8090-> sentilo.cumuluscity.es:42114 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 29u IPv4 67829095 0t0 TCP bf2web.gamespy.com:8090->sentilo.cumuluscity.es:39060 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 30u IPv4 67829136 0t0 TCP static-ip-85-25-27-12.inaddr.ip-pool.com:8090->sentilo.cumuluscity.es:58476 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 31u IPv4 67404031 0t0 TCP bf2web.gamespy.com:8090->sentilo.cumuluscity.es:58016 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 32u IPv4 67404065 0t0 TCP static-ip-85-25-27-12.inaddr.ip-pool.com:8090->sentilo.cumuluscity.es:49202 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 33u IPv4 68276828 0t0 TCP bf2web.gamespy.com:8090->sentilo.cumuluscity.es:48644 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 34u IPv4 68276861 0t0 TCP static-ip-85-25-27-12.inaddr.ip-pool.com:8090->sentilo.cumuluscity.es:39826 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 set 35u IPv4 68322536 0t0 TCP localhost.localdomain: 8090-> sentilo.cumuluscity.es:50548 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 36u IPv4 68746050 0t0 TCP bf2web.gamespy.com:8090->sentilo.cumuluscity.es:57168 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 37u IPv4 68746090 0t0 TCP static-ip-85-25-27-12.inaddr.ip-pool.com:8090->sentilo.cumuluscity.es:48342 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 38u IPv4 68805477 0t0 TCP localhost.localdomain: 8090-> sentilo.cumuluscity.es:59908 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 40u IPv4 69217713 0t0 TCP static-ip-85-25-27-12.inaddr.ip-pool.com:8090->sentilo.cumuluscity.es:44838 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 41u IPv4 69267610 0t0 TCP localhost.localdomain: 8090-> sentilo.cumuluscity.es:55738 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 42u IPv4 71333446 0t0 TCP bf2web.gamespy.com:8090->sentilo.cumuluscity.es:38156 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 43u IPv4 69664894 0t0 TCP bf2web.gamespy.com:8090->sentilo.cumuluscity.es:41530 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 44u IPv4 69664927 0t0 TCP static-ip-85-25-27-12.inaddr.ip-pool.com:8090->sentilo.cumuluscity.es:60984 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 45u IPv4 69709852 0t0 TCP localhost.localdomain: 8090-> sentilo.cumuluscity.es:44470 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 46u IPv4 70073799 0t0 TCP bf2web.gamespy.com:8090->sentilo.cumuluscity.es:54786 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 47u IPv4 70073872 0t0 TCP static-ip-85-25-27-12.inaddr.ip-pool.com:8090->sentilo.cumuluscity.es:45974 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 48u IPv4 70126654 0t0 TCP localhost.localdomain: 8090-> sentilo.cumuluscity.es:58106 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 49u IPv4 70487015 0t0 TCP static-ip-85-25-27-12.inaddr.ip-pool.com:8090->sentilo.cumuluscity.es:filenet-nch (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 50u IPv4 70487052 0t0 TCP bf2web.gamespy.com:8090->sentilo.cumuluscity.es:41598 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 51u IPv4 70536020 0t0 TCP localhost.localdomain: 8090-> sentilo.cumuluscity.es:45304 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 52u IPv4 70922458 0t0 TCP bf2web.gamespy.com:8090->sentilo.cumuluscity.es:46610 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 53u IPv4 70922495 0t0 TCP static-ip-85-25-27-12.inaddr.ip-pool.com:8090->sentilo.cumuluscity.es:37784 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 54u IPv4 70972232 0t0 TCP localhost.localdomain: 8090-> sentilo.cumuluscity.es:49898 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 55u IPv4 71333489 0t0 TCP static-ip-85-25-27-12.inaddr.ip-pool.com:8090->sentilo.cumuluscity.es:57584 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 56u IPv4 71383430 0t0 TCP localhost.localdomain: 8090-> sentilo.cumuluscity.es:41640 (CLOSE_WAIT)
bf2 27365 game 57u IPv4 71783038 0t0 TCP bf2web.gamespy.com:8090->sentilo.cumuluscity.es:42934 (CLOSE_WAIT)

There is a whole page and I do not know how to close as many instances.