central destiny – fleeing conflict

When the pain stops, the conflict stops.

This looks like start a hunting contest for me! It's a very good thing to do if you do not need a total narrative control of your opponents to get what you want, which in this case, I guess, is simply " escaped ":

Transition to a contest or challenge

You may find yourself in a conflict scene where participants are no longer interested or willing to harm themselves, due to some changes in circumstances. If this happens and there is still a lot to be solved, you can go directly to a contest or challenge according to your needs. In this case, wait for the spell points to be awarded at the end of the conflict and the rest until you have resolved the problem.

In a previous example, Cynere had managed to open a safe door so that the three PCs could escape an endless horde of guardians of the temple. They all decide to run and try to lose them.

Now the goalkeepers and the PCs have opposing goals but can not hurt each other, so now it's a competition. Instead of starting the next exchange, Amanda is just getting ready for the chase.

Destiny SRD, Conflicts

Assuming you are alone, you can escape from combat at any time, depending on the circumstances. You can probably even keep the boost "trip and fall" as a penalty for the guards' first action in the hunting contest, provided that they are interested in pursuing you.

Now, it remains only to decide the stakes of the contest. "You get clean" against "they capture you" or "they get you stuck and you have to fight", maybe? Anyway, once you've eliminated that, you can make a quick run to 3.