character – Can you edit the keywords for the emoji picker in Mojave?

In emoji-picker on Mojave (10.14.3), the keywords to filter / select emoji via cmd+Ctrl+Space tap and hit Enter (described in this thread) seem to have changed – for example. No longer present if you type joy (which is in both the literal description of emoji, and happens to be the keyword on Slack, various other iOS keyboards, etc.).

The emoji is always described as "a face filled with tears of joy" in the emoticon selector and the character display:
spectator character: face with tears of joy

But if you type "joy", you get the emoji joystick. I thought maybe the name emoji had to to start with the keyword typed, but "HEXAGRAM FOR LAKE JOYEUX" is always displayed:

To get, you have to type to laugh (or a variant of it):
emoji laugh in the character selector

Is it possible to modify the keywords of the emoticons appearing in the character selector?

Thank you in advance for your help!