Choose from 2 reseller hosting companies

Hello everyone,

There are two providers of hosting resellers: –

1- Resellers
2- Namecheap

What I get with ResellersPanel: –
Unlimited space / bandwidth
Limit of 110 cPanel accounts
100% single processor core 2GHZ per cPanel account
1GB of ram per cPanel account.
No overall CPU / RAM limit.
The maximum number of input processes per cPanel is 25. No limit for global input process.
No limit of inodes at all.

What do I get with NameCheap
150 GB of space with unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited cPanel accounts
Total UA usage limit of 2400% for all my cPanel accounts under me combined. No limit of UC per account.
Total memory limit of 12 GB. No memory limit per account
Overall limit of the 320 entry process. No limit per account.
Global limit of iNodes of 1200 000. No limit per account.

It seems that resellerspanel is more in the CPU / Memory limits, account by account, while namecheap imposes them globally.

So keep in mind these features according to the packaging of my choice with these suppliers. Which company among these would be beneficial for the sites of my company and my clients?

Both companies are well known and provide excellent customer service, as I have used them in the past.

The reason I ask this question is because many successful web hosting company owners are present here, so you can give an idea based on your experience.

Btw: I did not mention the price because with the two companies, the price suits me. I just want a maximum profit.