chrome – How to defend against any malicious add-ons in browsers?

So before, I asked a question about the type of private data that addons can extract from my browser:

Can a malicious add-on access the Internet history, for example in Chrome / Firefox?

and it turns out that if they just have permission to read the content of the page I visit, what they usually have, they can just send it to their server and save my history this way (since the addons do not need permission to access the internet and send data)

My question now is: do popular Internet security programs like Kaspersky and their addons detect and stop this type of malicious activity?

if not, what should I do? because even if an addon is well known, I still can not be sure that it does not do anything malicious after their last update, and I do not have the necessary knowledge to check it out. It is malicious or not. and I just can not stop using addons since I need most of them! (but I will not install new add-ons without reputation)

so what's the solution here? how can i make sure that no malicious activity takes place by the firefox / chrome addons, is there any good internet security software / anti-virus / addon that does it?

do you also add chrome check add-ons and firefox to make sure they're not malicious before putting them in their websites or not? If so, then what is the probability that they miss a malicious addon?