CI / CD questions on creating and releasing Docker containers?

I am in the process of building a docker container exit pipeline in gitlab and azure devops. However, I came across the following situation:

Construction stage:

docker build -f ./caminho_docker_file -t nome_minha_imagem .
docker tag nome_minha_imagem:latest url/nome_minha_imagem:latest
docker push url/nome_minha_imagem

Release step:

 - aws ecs update-service 
 # apenas para pegar a ultima versão enviada e propagar nos containers 

With the above configuration, it works well when I only have one version and I publish the version.

The problem is when I have a version and I need a lot of time to publish it. And with that, other constructions can be triggered. That is, I will have a version linked to a version, but when my version will run, it will not propagate the image of my version but my latest version will not be linked to the version.

I would like to know if there is a way, for example, to place the image in the fixed menu generated in my version in ARTIFACT (and not sent to the cloud at the time of construction) sent to my site. publication, I will be assured that my version is being sent. the correct construction image.

I've looked in the documentation and some tutorials but not found, if someone can explain me how and how to do it better, thanks.