claims – How to correctly configure LDAPCP?

I just configured the LDACP * .wsp package to find and resolve users from external LDAP in SharePoint 2016.
Then I started to check how it works, but when I started the search, I got the results below:
(Entries with prefix (EmailAddress) and without)

enter description of image here

My complaints are configured as follows:

enter description of image here

What I would like to achieve is to have only entries without a prefix (EmailAddress) but with the possibility of searching by email and account name.
Which is also imported once the user is resolved, I would like to add it to the group with an account like: i: 0g.t | users | S-1-5-21-3286968501-24975625-1618430583
So SID instead of windowsaccountname.

Thanks help!