classes – Fix a Python class implementation

Read about Python style guide (PEP8)

Your case:

  • PEP8: E302 – you have to write 2 blank lines before and after each of classes
  • Both function and variable names should be snake-case (sendEmail -> send_email)


  • Don’t be afraid of long names: it is a good practice to write self.notification instead of self.notif
  • Use type annotations

It is convinient to use dataclasses

Instead of

details = {'email': 'email_address', 'username':'user_name', 'body': 'body_email'}

You can write dataclass:

from dataclasses import dataclass

class EmailDetails:
    email_address: str
    username: str
    body: str

class Notification:
    def __init__(self, email_details: EmailDetails): = email_details.email_address
        self.username = email_details.username
        self.body = email_details.body

Method’s name should describe it

In the class Notification you have a method called sending_email, but it does return a list for you, so it have to be named like get_info_to_send_email. If the main goal of method is to send email, then the method should be named something like send_email instead of sending_email.

Avoid magic in the code

The method sending_email probably should return dataclass EmailDetails instead of list, because:

  • when you working with that list, you have to strictly specify the indexes,
  • when you want to modify that list, you have to hard refactor adjacent parts of the code.

This brings magic to the code. The simpler, the better.