client – Is there a wiki comparing different portfolios?

I'm new here, so calm down if my question does not meet your standards. If you ask me to make changes, I will make them so that my question is more appropriate for this SE.

If you look at Comparison of Numerical Analysis Software or Wikipedia Smartphone Comparison, you quickly see information (such as software that supports GPUs or only processors, or the year of software launch) , which is by no means available elsewhere, but is probably incomparable in the way it is organized.

I wonder if there is such a wiki (website on which users can make their own changes, not necessarily on Wikipedia) to compare different cryptocurrency portfolios. For example, the table could include information such as the year the portfolio was made available, fees charged for transactions, and so on.

Wikipedia has a list of crypto-currencies but does not seem to have a list of portfolios.

There is a Bitcoin-specific wiki site that has a page on "wallets", but it lists only wallet formatsAs a result, none of the major portfolios listed here, such as Coinbase and RobinHood, are included in this list.

I did some research before coming here.

1) Is there a comparison between the different portfolios of – is specific to
2) Is there a website that compares the functionality of different cryptocoins? – request cryptocoins, not portfolios (and also has no response).
3) Comparison of different active crypto-currencies – asks questions about different coins, not portfolios.

Question (1) was not closed, but in the comments it says "Questions about product or service recommendations are out of the question because they tend to become quickly outdated." Describe your situation and the problem specific that you are trying to solve solve. "

I am not looking for a product recommendation, but I rather ask if there is a page where I can go to study the different products easily. Such a page would not become "obsolete quickly" because on a wiki, users can update it permanently to include new portfolios or remove features that are no longer available. I started this research because I wanted to find something like RobinHood but did not need to have a US SSN card, or like Coinbase but without getting me to be able to receive SMS ( I only have a landline)) but still allows free transactions, but some links to a Wiki page would suffice if I could not directly ask if the type of portfolio I want exists or not.