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Hello everyone,

We are proud to introduce our new ScalElastic Cloud Platform based as a service.

ScalElastic is a turnkey platform that supports application platforms such as PHP, Java, NodeJS, Python, Ruby, Go, Docker and Kubernetes. It makes it extremely easy (in a few clicks) to deploy and manage complex environments, automated vertical and horizontal scaling that saves significantly compared to a typical VPS / Dedicated server configuration.

ScalElastic Features:

Platform as a service – Forget the underlying hardware and let ScalElastic intelligently manage the cloud.
Automatic scaling – Start with 128 MB of RAM and let it scale up to 128 GB, depending on your needs.
Hourly billing – Your containers are charged at the time, depending on the resources used – you only pay for what you use.
Supported platforms – Instantly run PHP, Java, NodeJS, Ruby, Python, Go and Docker based applications.
Docker Hub – ScalElastic connects to Docker Hub – deploy any public or private Docker template.
Ready to deploy applications – More than 100 predefined applications ready to deploy (WordPress, Magento, OpenCMS, Joomla, etc.). You can also deploy highly available clusters mySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB – View full list of apps

DevOps functions of ScalElastic: Web SSH, firewall, file manager, CPU, RAM, disk, traffic statistics, cloning environments, horizontal scaling, monitoring alerts, and more.

See a quick demonstration of the easy-to-use dashboard

Sign up for your 14-day free trial here

Here's how much it costs:

cloudlets – USD 1.20 per cloudlet per month (128 MB RAM / 400 MHz CPU)
Storage room – 1 GB of SSD storage is free (per environment) – 0.0005 USD per GB per hour for additional SSD storage
Traffic – 1 GB / hour free – $ 0.033 per GB per hour for additional bandwidth

14-day free trial at

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.