CMS implementation without head – Webmasters Stack Exchange

I work as an independent web developer and I mainly build brochure sites. Almost everything is done in WordPress. However, I am now looking to go the way of the CMS without a head, simply because it would give me a lot more flexibility for how I would code the upstream website and also use a lot less resources. There are, of course, many other advantages.

My ideal scenario would be to self-host the CMS, which means that you should not use a third-party service like Contentful, but rather something like Directus or Cockpit.

Cockpit and Directus are designed to be used alone and are not offered as composition packages. However, I want to keep the CMS in the same Git repository as the website (that is, in its own subfolder). In this way, I do not need to manage two separate repositories and I can use an SDK to directly include the CMS in my PHP application.

Is there anything wrong with this approach?