Coinadvertise is a new PTC website launched today. The website has a unique script and a nice website design.

Free sapphire update for new members (weekly trial!).

You will find 1ad $ 0.02 per click
8 listings 0,01 € per click
3 ads $ 0.005 per click

Small image

Small image


Pay per click $ 0.001
Pay by Direct Reference Click $ 0,0005
Pay by Leased Reference, click $ 0.0035


Pay per click $ 0.01
Pay by Direct Reference Click $ 0.005
Pay by Rented Reference, click $ 0.0075

The minimum amount for payment is $ 4. Paypal, Payza, Pm, Payer, BTC

With this P.T.C. website, you will earn 50% of your reference earnings.
Cost-effective rental reference system guaranteed.
Different cheap advertising services at low prices.
Professional support is available to help you via Forum or Support Ticket 24/7.

Upgrade available. Addresses and many other ways to win

The total number of members reached was 100 during the last update.

This site is available in English.

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