colors – Does the contrast / brightness of the monitor change frequently?

I have a VERY old Dell external monitor, which works well most of the time, but my eyes also get VERY old 🙂 I find that I need a lot more contrast when working on my Windows machine 10 Pro. Or is it just the brightness I need?

What happens is that sometimes it's fine, the blacks are black, the colors are normal, a lot of contrast. However, at random, it will suddenly "disappear". Blacks are now gray, colors are now faded, etc. If I refresh the page, it becomes clear again, but sooner or later, it fades again. And considering how today's kids seem to love the script of using VERY blue or light gray text on a white background (an ADA violation, besides, look at the), when the screen is emptied, these pages are almost invisible.

The windows contrast options / enhancements I've tried do not work very well in this regard. I just want to see black / dark prints on a white / light background. Some of them changed the screen to a yellow text on a black bg. Not useful 🙂

I obviously try to avoid buying a new monitor, but if it 's actually a symptom of a seriously aging or faulty monitor, I Maybe he'll have to bite the bullet, damn it.



Charlotte NC