combat – How do Patterns and Cover Interact?

I am having trouble finding a confirmation one way or another in relation to how cover does or doesn’t affect Pattern attacks, and if it does, when and how. I suspect that it’s actually spelled out somewhere and I’m missing the quote.

Example of an interaction scenario that caused this uncertainty for me:

Let’s say you have the Barbarossa Siege Cannon. You shoot it in siege mode. It is Arcing and Blast 2. You are in a broken landscape, where there’s a bunch of buildings (cover), and a target or several behind them. So of course you shoot in an arc over the buildings, with the target(s) being within the blast area. Arcing by itself doesn’t help ignore cover, but the blast is coming from a direction where cover doesn’t stand in-between . . . but the shooter doesn’t directly see the target(s). I’m not sure whether the Cover penalty applies or not.

For a less ambiguous scenario, imagine the same terrain and targets, but with a weapon doing a Line Pattern. Intuitively it seems the cover should apply for weapons such as a Railgun, but perhaps not for some other types of Line attacks.

Obviously, a GM can always make a ruling, but I would like to know what the RAW (or errata or the like) say about the interaction, or a confirmation that the interaction is not officially disambiguated/clarified.