compare the prices of bitcoins in different markets in a table

I have a hard time finding a place online where I can see the price of bitcoin (or other parts) – from different markets.

I mention that I want a graphic. And the opportunity to review historical data.

Coinmarketcap offers the opportunity to see BTC prices at different markets – but it does not build a graph from it all, nor do I see how to get historical data. The graph they offer is an average bitcoin price based on many exchanges.

I want to see these BTC prices on the same chart separately.
What I want is that each exchange price creates its own chart – and that the selected exchanges appear superimposed on the same chart.

False example:

            BTC binance yesterday was 5100
BTC bitfinex yesterday was 5115

BTC binance today is 5080
BTC bitfinex is today 5090

So, this graph will have 2 separate graphs – BTC binance chart and BTC graphic biffinex.

So, what can we say, it is that binance Is there a better place to buy BTC for the last 2 days, the BTC was cheaper than 10 €, but is this true over longer periods? What about other exchanges?

I want to see how this price difference between exchanges varies over time.

Is this service available elsewhere, as described here? Thank you.