compatibility – How can I transfer photos from an old Canon Rebel EOS 350D to my computer?

Try toggling the Communication setting. Some users report that Print/PTP works for them (confusingly, this is the setting that should be used in order to connect the camera directly to certain Canon printers). Others report that PC connection is the correct setting.

Press the Menu button to bring up the menus. Press the Jump button, or use ◀︎/ buttons, until the Set-up 2 menu (yellow, looks like wrench+hammer “2”) is highlighted. Under Communication, try changing the option (it will be either Print/PTP or PC connection).

Connection menu instruction manual page 120 of Canon EOS 250D User Manual
Taken from page 120 of the Canon EOS 250D User Manual

If that doesn’t work, you will need to use a CompactFlash card reader to get the photos off of the CF card and onto your computer. They can be had for as little at $10 USD at various retailers online.


Note that because of the age of the camera (it was introduced in 2005), many of the support references are to older versions of Windows.