Configure the default route that the Azure VPN Gateway provides to P2S clients (to allow for multiple connections)

I have two completely independent Azure environments that I control. One virtual network uses the address space, the other uses the address space. I need my users to be able to connect to both vnets simultaneously via point-to-site (P2S) VPN connections.

I have much of this working. I’m using plain-old, built-in rasphone for this- no special extra VPN client software, I set up the connection directly in rasphone with no downloads or installs. Either one of the connections work perfectly alone, the problem comes when I try to use them together.

Apparently, when I connect to either of them, a route gets added for So when I connect to both of them, two conflicting routes get added. The one with precedence wins, so in practice one connection of the two will work, while the other fails. In case that isn’t clear, here’s the output from route print:

Network Destination        Netmask          Gateway       Interface  Metric     36     36

In the above case a tracert for shows that it’s trying to resolve the IP address via the gateway (the one with precedence), which is the wrong one, so it finds nothing. I need to route traffic through, and through

Now, I could try to modify the route explicitly on every client PC, but that adds a whole extra step to the process of setting up each and every PC. The Azure VPN Gateway is obviously capable of telling the client what routes to add, since the route gets added automatically every time I connect, so I’m hoping there’s a way to configure that default route and limit it to only the IP range I want. And if there isn’t a way to explicitly alter it, is there at least some way I can rearrange my address spaces so that the gateway realizes I don’t want to route all of