Confusion about VISA type in Ireland

I am an Indian student and will visit the Insight Center at NUI Galway, Ireland, from May to the end of July (<90 days).
My teacher and human resources advise to apply for a short-stay tourist visa, the reason being "Other"and the goal indicated as"Research visitTo support my stay, they will provide me with a scholarship of 1200 euros per month Some people said that it would be refused if I asked for this type of visa and that I had to apply for an internship visa, but when I do ( selecting reason like "Traineeship"), in the portal of applications, I find myself in a page that asks me my Atypical work / work permit number. It is mandatory to enter before moving on to the next page.
I do not understand what kind of visa I should ask.

To clarify my motivations, I will visit Insight for less than 90 days starting in May and I will receive 1200 euros per month. And my goal is "Research visit"And I will not work to have a salary there.
This will be very helpful if someone can clarify my confusion and I will be grateful to them.
Thank you!