Connect SPFx to an OOB SharePoint List webpart

I have this scenario. My page consists of two web parts:

  • the first is standard Modern List web part;
  • the second is SPFx web part

Based on a selected item in the first web part a user should be able to add a comment via the second web part and safe it to different SP List. Note that out of box commenting functionality does not suit our real scenario.

How can a selected item be passed to the SPFx web part? Key point here is that the first one is standard SP List web part.

I know that in case the first webpart is a SPFx web part the scenario can be implemented using Dynamic Data mechanism, Publisher / Subscriber pattern. However, we have then to provide our own render of the list and we lose the out of box list presentation and consistency. To replicate a standard Modern SharePoint list would be too much work.