Constant abuse of a stalker …

There is this idiot who keeps on harassing me on the Internet. He started doing this last summer and has not let go since. He has found me on many bulletin boards and mainly targets the pages related to my filmography on the Internet Movie Database and Acting Wiki, which is part of Wikia. Even though I have requested that the last article be locked to new users, there is still an option under this article to allow customers to post comments. They are incendiary and contain links to other abusive pages about myself.

When he followed me on Wikipedia last year to publish pages as part of his campaign against abuse, I tried to mark his IP address, which is linked to a neo-American company. zealand called Xtra or Spark. Unfortunately, an administrator deleted the editing done when this person saw what I was doing. Therefore, nothing is displayed for the IP address that he used longer. However, I still have a record of the IP address of the type, but I reported it to the company owning the IP address and I even had a conversation in Direct with the staff a few times, but nothing was done to harass him. They just told me to contact the police, but I do not know if they were talking about the police in Edinburgh or the police in their country.

I know that the IP address that he used is not a proxy server. I am aware that he has used a lot, but proxies do not usually work on Wikipedia. I suppose so that he made only one mistake and that he revealed his IP address by mistake after being disconnected from one of his many accounts. (since I'm aware that users can edit low-protection articles on Wikipedia without logging in to an account), or maybe he did not think I'd notice what he was doing.

What he has done is very disturbing. On many forums of which I am a member, he has imitated me, and he has banned the administrator of one of these communities, after publishing obscene images and threats of blackmail, dozens of accounts. I also saw him steal my personal photos, but he also used pictures of people who were associated with me, added my YouTube videos to illegal file hosting sites and posted fake answers. with the help of a nickname in a consumer review. I have submitted, concerning someone else. Should I continue?

Oh, he also recorded screenshots about me and uploaded them to to link to websites, "liked" movie listings just because I'm in them , as well as pages relating to the vandalized actor game, as I indicated above. He also subscribed to one of my last YouTube channels with hidden accounts before closing it, sending strangers to my friend's address and you name him. He continues to do that. If I add entries on my filmography pages to promote projects while they are still being filmed, he could even send a message to officials to allow him to spread malicious gossip. In fact, I'm suspicious of him (and other people) who have been doing it for a while. So, really, what is the interest of any ISP with an abusive email address if it does not do anything for its customers to break the law?

Sincerely, Peter.