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Start: 2019-04-10

The description

The new technical requirements, the varied climatic and social conditions, the historical, cultural and architectural heritage are challenges that inspire and motivate our designers and builders. Our teams of architects and civil engineers offer the best solutions, contemporary design and implementation of modern building materials for different types of buildings – private family villas, apartments and administrative buildings around the world . Our prerogative is to provide our customers with a modern, useful, comfortable and recognizable space, implementing our professional experience and know-how, both in design and in construction, using the latest construction technologies and the latest technology. construction materials.

Investment plans

(1) 4% each business day for 35 business days and principal included

(2) 5% per day for 31 days and the principal included

(3) 0.21% per hour for 36 days and the principal included

(4) 0.28% per hour for 30 days and the principal included

Payment options: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash.

Type of withdrawal: moment

Reference commissions: 9% -3% -2% -1% -1%

Reference link: