Contest – 2 Logos – $ 100, contest for 7 days!

Hi everybody,

We are looking for a designer for two logos:

1. UK based Health and Beauty eCommerce Store (UK will be in a domain name). Health products and natural products for babies, cosmetics and skin care products for sale.

Customer segment: middle-upper class, mainly women, new mothers, pregnant women.

Type: high-end, luxurious, please see sample logos.

The logo must be unique and creative, I like the logos posted in this thread after December 5, 2018

2. Dental and beauty tourism: based in the UK, providing services abroad.

Customer segment: middle and lower class, unisex. Providing affordable dental and beauty services to British East European clients, but offering a smile transformation in the Hollywood style.

Beautiful smile can be affordable, smile and makeover are included in the domain name. I've thought of the symbols as a palm / beach, but they do not have to be used in logos.

Both logos must have a similar color palette:
Dark Pink / Purple / Black – you are the creative ones.
A mixture of blue for dental services is also possible.

The file is attached to a different website than the company that uses this color:
Color Palette.png
Color Palette.png "class =" bbImageCode LbImage

I would also like to have these rights:
– Rights on the winning logos, which I could edit if necessary.
– Loading all fonts used.
– Logos in Illustrator and PSD file format files.

A winner / winners will be selected on April 4th. I will provide constant comments on your submissions. The winner of two logos will receive $ 100 through PayPal. If there are two winners on different logos, a winner of the logo of a health and beauty store will receive $ 60 and the winner of the dental tourism logo will receive $ 40.

Looking forward to receiving your entries.