“Count” from unspecified starting points in google sheets

I’m a baseball coach creating a google sheet to help track pitches and results for my college guys during games so they can see a lot of different information. See attached picture.

I’d like the chart to autofill the “count” column. Not sure how to do that with unspecified starting and ending points. Also, the count will only ever be up to 3-2. Even if there is another foul ball, the count still stays at 3-2. After an end of the at bat “result” (such as “line hit” or “BB”) is selected, I’d like the count to reset to “0-0” and a new “At Bat” is listed. Again, not at all certain if this is even possible without definite starting and ending points.

I could also reformat the cells to be a single cell and have it just be text that populates the cell. Not sure if that would be any easier/better to deal with only one cell instead of two.

Thanks for your help.