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The Cryptobitx Global Peer-to-Peer Donation Network is a way to help other people like you, and in return, it will help you. We are a community of people looking for financial support in projects that will allow us to achieve ourselves and bring more joy to the world. If you want to succeed in turning your dreams into reality, pay attention. We have as a system that works for everyone. It's a cryptobitx.

The donation sharing network

When you register, you will have a sponsor. It may be the person who referred you, or it will be some of their downline – somebody else that they referred or some of their referred referred person.

So, you will make your first donation to your sponsor. This allows you to obtain referrals and receive donations.

The first 2 people you sponsor will donate the amount of the 1st year.

The 2 people sponsored by each (4 in total) will give you the amount of the 2nd year.

The next lower level – level 3 – (8 total) will donate the 3rd year amount.

Do you have the habit? This continues for 7 levels that increase each time by a factor of 2.

From now on, the people you will sponsor on the 1st level will give the amount of the 2nd year to your sponsor.

Then, they will give the amount of the 3rd year to the sponsor of your godfather (3 levels more).

And on the line, there are 7 levels.

Only 0.001 to enter (lowest entry of all times).
No monthly / annual subscription (lifetime subscription)
Passive Script Connector – More secure platform
Best team building platform! Learn and win!
1024 BTC from the 2X7 level plane. sun_bespectacled.gif

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