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CryptoHands – This is a first open MLM based on Ethereum smart-contract. The project is transparent and all the transactions between the participants are visible on the blockchain.

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brief description

Participation in the project costs 0.05 ETH, after which you will be able to attract 3 project participants from which you will earn 0.05 ETH, which corresponds to 0.15 ETH in total. Then you can attract new referrals for your referral link and all new members will be set under your referrals. All new members will buy new levels from you and the funds will go directly to you.

detailed description

1. You have a portfolio in which there is 0.05 ETH and you want to participate in CryptoHands.
2. You transfer these funds in the amount of 0.05 ETH to a smart contract, which transfers them to your upstream person (to the one who invited you) to bring you
3. You are now a member of the system and can bring 3 participants, who will each transfer you to 0.05 ETH. Already the first referral will pay your costs
4. When you invite referrals, you give them your wallet and they indicate it during the transaction in the Data field. The smart contract sends you that money immediately.
5. After inviting 3 referrals that have registered under your name, you can create an additional structure under your referrals.
6. Each person from 4 members following your link will be assigned to your referrals and these people will buy at home higher and higher price levels.
7. In addition, if your 3 referrals work well and invite new referrals, your income increases!
8. The system has a level of purchase. You can increase your level in the system (if you wish), you will have to buy higher levels at a higher price.
9. The larger the system, the sooner you enter, the more growth you can gain.

We recommend using the Metamask plugin!

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