csom – Why is there a UUID associated with each object identity?

I use CSOM to access point-of-view objects and I need unique identifiers for site collections, websites, lists, and list items.

So, when you identify an object, for example, for a site collection, it looks like this:

0569d79e-5569-2024-65bd-6486b22763a8 | 740c6a0b-85e2-48a0-a494-e0f1759d4aa7: site: 7422c68a-06c9-41ca-ac61-b2ea24c0f6b2: web: 5e4

  • 740c6a0b-85e2-48a0-A494-e0f1759d4aa7 – is the GUID of the Web application
  • 7422c68a-06c9-41ca-AC61-b2ea24c0f6b2 – is the GUID of the site collection
  • 5e4ff74d-4416-4de1-8a68-d4d733e82b00 – is the GUID Web

But why is there a prefix of 0569d79e-5569-2024-65bd-6486b22763a8 |? What is the purpose of this? Even more confusing, this prefix is ​​unique each time you request metadata.