css – Using the cursor in different application elements

I am working on an application that is mainly used by desktop users. I'm trying to perfect the use of css rules of the slider.

First, I read and tried to follow the practice of having only pointer-cursor links for external links (href), but the default cursor (arrow) on buttons and internal links ( like to navigate to another application menu item).

What I am a little more uncertain is the practice of the text. This application contains a lot of editable data. Like forms or editable content online (in tables and other elements). I've planned to display the text cursor only for editable data, to indicate that the user can click to edit and have the default cursor for normal text, even if it's not. It is selectable. The default navigation rules are usually the text cursor for all normal text. Anyone know if there are unwritten standards, widely used style guides or other sources of information on this part?