csv – The InfluxDB batch insert inserts only the last line

I'm trying to insert lines in an instance InfluxDB (under Windows 7 x64) from a .txt file and a .csv file, but it does not matter than insert the last line of the file.

I currently use the Insomnia interface to send the file via the HTTP API of Influx.

I have the following content in a data.txt file:

all, mytag = value ab = 59
all, mytag = value ab = 78
all, mytag = value ab = 102

All lines end with LF only (check by N ++).
Then, I send this file via an HTTP request to my InfluxDB instance being executed:

POST http: // localhost: 8086 / write? Db = mydb & precision = ns

Yet when I do a select * from "all" query, this shows that only the last line (value = 102) has been inserted. I've also tried to insert text / raw content, but without success as well.

An idea on that?

Thank you.