ct.category theory – Define a sketch $s_{mathbf{Grp}}$ such that $mathbf{Grp}backsimeq mathbf{Mod}(s_{mathbf{Grp}},mathbf{Set})$

I have this MSE question with a two hundred bounty but even with the bounty this post got underviewed. So maybe here is a more suitable place to post it. The question follows:

(a) Define a sketch $s_{mathbf{Grp}}$ and a equivalence functor $$E: mathbf{Grp}to mathbf{Mod}(s_{mathbf{Grp}},mathbf{Set})$$ (b) Knowing that finite limits commute with filtered colimits in $mathbf{Set}$, use the result in (a) to prove that they also commute in $mathbf{Grp}$.

(c) Prove that $mathbf{Ab} backsimeq mathbf{Mod}(s_{mathbf{Grp}},mathbf{Grp})$

I found a useful example at nlab’s sketch article. Example 3.2 especifies the directed graph, diagrams, cones and cocones of a sketch which has unital magmas as models (sets with a binary operation which has a two sided unit).

So I thought taking this same sketch and “interpreting” the arrows $e$ as the identity of a group and $m$ as its multiplication, all this via the equivalence functor the exercise request us to build. But I don’t even know how to finish the construction of $E$ and in fact I don’t see why it will be an equivalence functor at all.

Could you help me? Also is there any result that I’m missing on (b)? Because I think this shouldn’t be so difficult.