Custom view by page – Drupal Answers

I need something that I thought was easy to do with drupal:

  • a custom view that allows the user to assign an image and a body (the image will be primed on the back and in the text above), as a moderator can easily add as a page

Well, I managed to create a custom field to get the image / body, I created a custom view with custom text and hidden fields to get what I had need. She is superb, but on one page.

But now it gets complicated: how to do that as pages and not in blocks? I need the user (non-programmer) just click on "New Content" -> "MyCustomField" to create a new page with this block. I have found the following ways that do not work:

  • add the block in the block layout and filter each page – it actually works (only on the direct link, this page is displayed, but in this case, drupal only displays the standard view instead of the block and I could not replace it )
  • add as a custom page -> works, but the user can not add a new one easily because I have to assign the path to the view creation
  • try to limit the context filter to the same title or path -> did not find a way to get the current page

How to do that?