darktable – Where do I turn to learn how to effectively process images?

The focus here is on the word effectively.

By browsing through many questions and answers here, I've found many examples of amazing results from processing RAW file images like these. I've also discussed a lot the relative merits of RAW over JPEG, especially the one who governs and the one who drools.

I've got Darktable and I've gone through its documentation, but it does not offer much. For example, the section on using the color correction module is composed entirely of the following elements:

color panel

For separate tones, move the white point to the desired hue, then select a hue for the shadows with the dark point. For a simple overall hue, set both spots to the same color.


Use the saturation slider to correct global saturation.

It does not really tell me anything that I could not have collected in 15 seconds of play with the tool. It also does not help me understand how to use the tool to achieve the desired effects. I would like to learn how to use this program effectively, instead of stupidly turning the sliders until I get something close to what I'm trying to achieve.

Just to clarify, I take this module as an example, but I do not ask you questions (here) on this module in particular. I'm looking for resources that will help me understand the impact of different modules on my image and use them to get the desired end result. At least as important, I would like to learn to look at my image, which I already know is not quite right, and recognize How it is not correct, and what tool will allow me to fix it. All that I have found so far is more or less an enriched tour of the program's user interface.

So, to rephrase the question, where can I go to learn the artistic aspects of using software like this? I do not really need help navigating the menus and to understand the user interface, but I need help to get the results that I see in my head.