data entry – how do I design a page

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I need an idea on how to make a user-friendly data entry. I have a table as above. This is a table for the work assigned to the entrepreneur (AssignedTo).

At the beginning of each year, a list of jobs will be sub-contracted. 50 tasks will be grouped together and called a package (Pkg).
Each contractor may be assigned one or more packages.

Each package assigned to a contractor will have the same project description (ProjDesc) and the same package number (Pkg).

Each work will be identified by the project reference (ProjRef).
Once the entrepreneur
complete the work, a completion reference (CompletionRef) will be assigned.

My question is, how should I design a data entry page to prevent the user from entering the same data (ProjDesc), (Pkg) and only the input (ProjRef) I am also open to new ideas such as the redesign of the database, etc.

Currently, users enter data into a spreadsheet.
before exporting it to the database.

My idea is to do like this: –
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I just want to know if you have a better idea or how you do it if you have ever had this kind of experience.