data recovery – How to control phone with broken screen from computer when there is a password?

My phone’s screen is broken. I want to be able to use it using a PC (I just need to use two apps for a short while). I have a password on my phone. If I remember correctly, I have USB debugging enabled. I don’t know if I had ever checked the option to always allow from this computer when the allow USB debugging modal pops up. I am trying to use scrcpy to control my phone from my computer. The phone is Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016).

This is what I have tried:

I downloaded adb from here. I downloaded scrcpy from here. I moved the adb files to a folder. I moved scrcpy files to the same folder, overwriting the duplicates.

I opened the command prompt from that folder (I’m on Windows). I connected my phone to the computer using a USB cable. As soon as I connected it, I ran the command adb devices -l. This is what I got:

List of devices attached
31002adf4e2c435f       device product:j7xeltexx model:SM_J710F device:j7xelte transport_id:1

The I ran the following commands:

adb shell input swipe 600 800 150 900 300                            (swipe to get to screen with password prompt)
adb shell input text "(mypassword)"                                  (enter my password)
adb shell input keyevent 66                                          (press enter key)

This is what I got in the command prompt (after the last command):

INFO: scrcpy 1.17 <>
C:Users(User)DesktopNew folder (2)scrcpy-server: 1 file pushed, 0 skipped. 5.0 MB/s (34930 bytes in 0.007s)
(server) INFO: Device: samsung SM-J710F (Android 8.1.0)
INFO: Renderer: direct3d
INFO: Initial texture: 720x1280
WARN: Device disconnected

I am stuck here, with no idea what to do. I’ve tried using Vysor, but it also didn’t work. I’d like to stick with scrcpy, unless there is a better option. Please keep in mind that I don’t intend to transfer data; I want to use two apps (one of which is the Signal app, to transfer my chats).