Data Tables – Is it good to expose the score of a relevancy search to the user

Thus, our main search tool will get a relevancy search, which means that the output is somehow sorted according to the importance of an entry. Before that, the entries were sorted by date and if two entries had the same date, the order of the entries was not specified.

If a customer needs to search for items with relevancy search, the table is sorted by the number of words entered in multiple fields. The date also has some influence.

The order of entries is calculated by the server (or the database, I do not know) and can be exposed in the users table as a clean column, which can also be used to filter the entries of low relevance, or low score.

I feel that this should not be done, because I think it is wrong to overload the user by the complexity used to give an elegant behavior.
But the rest of the team insists on doing so, in order to give the user the power to filter irrelevant entries.

So, is there a general council? Is this a good idea? Does anyone do it?

I am grateful for each answer.

Best regards