database design – Why would patient management systems not assert limits for certain biometric data?

I think many people with even a small experience in designing UI/UX to handle user data will be familiar with the perils of putting in input field/database limits for personal data, such as names. However, when it comes to storing biometric data, such as in medical/patient management software, I might’ve assumed that there was some validation on input given the intended use-case!

That seems as though it might not always be the case, having recently seen this tweet, in which someone was invited for their COVID-19 vaccine prematurely, apparently due to his GP surgery storing his height as 6.2cm, giving a BMI of 28,000.


Is this just a flaw in their particular software? Is it possibly just the case that many of these systems were never intended for the mass selection of patient groups?

Or are there valid reasons that you might not want to introduce input ranges and sanity checks to biometric data?

Colour me only mildly concerned, given the AI-based future of medical decision making!