ddns – Purchasing a domain name and pointing to a dynamic IP

I designed a small hardware device that will need to periodically check for updates over wifi. I am looking into getting a proper domain name, as currently I am using one of the free ones from noip that requires confirming every 30 days.

The free domain from noip works well as my modem/router has support for their services built in. Looking through their site, it’s not immediately evident if purchasing a top level domain will allow me to have it updated when my IP changes as the free one does.

I am wondering if I am comparing apples with oranges here… Is the “free hostname” the same as a paid domain name in terms of supporting dynamic dns?

When I look into their “enhanced dynamic dns” service, I still have to pick from a list of subdomains, I can’t seem to enter my own .org. Then when I click on the “domains” service, I can enter exactly the domain name I would like.

What am I missing?