Debugging – UnityWebRequest will only work if a stop point is triggered in advance

public void GetLeaderBoard () // Loading all game data
{UnityWebRequest myWr = UnityWebRequest.Get (Url (false));
myWr.SendWebRequest ();
var text = myWr.downloadHandler.text;
MonoBehaviour.print (text);

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the text is filled with an empty string unless I stop at a stop before I meet him. The MVC application that provides me the data is being debugged on a separate solution. It is also subject to a process called IIS Express, which runs it, for example. My best guess is that something on my other application does not have enough time to send the data unless I stop running with a shutdown point; however, it does not make any sense because myWr.downloadHandler.text is actually filled with the data (depending on the watch I have, when it stops at the point where I stop back), so my other app should be out of the picture at this point.