Dedicated company and colocation in UK

Hi WHT Memebers

We plan to expand our site in the UK and are looking for a new company in the UK. We will start with some ATM servers and possibly move to the colocation with a single lease or a lease with own option.

Our main requirements are.

1. Able to announce our AS and IP space. Either on their router or rent us an L3 switch with BGP4 support.
2. Offer us leases with own servers / lease only. We will provide the configuration.
3. 24/7 support service. No waiting. We may not need it, but it is mandatory.
4. Cogent in the building will be a positive point.

Until here, we have found Zare (Hydra) in the UK, which meets our requirements. But we would like to compare with a few others before finally deciding. If you have a recommendation, let us know.