Dedicated server interest | Talk Web Hosting

Hello everyone, I'm looking for a suggestion on the type of server that I should look for, like CPU and RAM. My budget is limited to $ 200.

I would like a dedicated server with 8-12 main processors, 16 to 24 processor bands, maybe 32 to 64 GB of DDR4 or, if it's too expensive, maybe DDR3, but I I'm open to suggestions because it's my first server I was working on a reseller platform and I was not very familiar with server configurations; I mainly did my research and decided to do it: bandwidth of 30 to 50 TB, disk NVMe of 480 GB, Cpanel / WHM installed and CentOS 7, 5 usable IP addresses, speed of 1 Gbps. I'd like a managed server because I'm afraid to install it and configure it myself. I will start with a server and soon, I will have one or two more. I will use it for hosting my own websites and will have as 50-60 at the start with a traffic of 15-30 000 visits per day and per site, so the traffic will be loaded, i do not know if that is too much for a server and that is why i am looking for help. I do not need a lot of support but I am open to suggestions. I hope to have suggestions