Deploy AWS All-in-One Billing Solution for WHMCS! | NewProxyLists

1. We are really proud to spread the news of our latest project – AWS Billing for WHMCS.

This complete solution will allow you to fully monitor your products and define percentage billing margin Amazon Web Services offered in the best way. Apart from that, you will have access to several custom graphics Track your expenses, earnings, and fixed charges, all from a convenient WHMCS panel.

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2 DirectAdmin Extended for WHMCS 3.1.0

This immediate update of our WHMCS module provides your customers with a wide range of useful utilities. For example, from now on, they will be entitled to:

  • Download backups selected databases
  • Delete multiple database users at once
  • Edit and bulk delete cron jobs and select the desired configuration from the recently added "Common Settings" options
  • Set holiday time in office outgoing messages via a date picker directly rather than manually providing them

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3 Multibrand for WHMCS 2.3.0

Among other things, this latest module version facilitates the way in which the marked invoice number can be changed (from the display of the invoice or the added module), and easily offers a new API function to billable items from the brand. Another noteworthy fact is also the highly requested Supports user-friendly URLs, and WHMCS 7.7.1.

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4 Promoting the integration of the SMS gateway

Do you use SMS to keep your customers and staff members informed at all times? We can further improve your business communication!

Contact our support team, and just for you, we will integrate your favorite SMS gateway with our SMS Center for WHMCS module without charging a single dollar. The development process itself will not be long either – you can expect the project to be completed within a maximum of two weeks.

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5 Discover our other recent versions:

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