design – how can I track questions and decisions for each of the multiple columns in the report?

For a report with 25 fields, many decisions must be made for each column. Their follow-up in a wiki, as below, caused complaints that final field values ​​could not be analyzed quickly and it was difficult to determine which issues remained open (despite the use of red text for word "Question").

Column A
Question: ….
Reply: …
Decision of meeting 2019-03-28: The field will be equal to fooValue.
Question: …
Decision 2019-03-30 of the intervener Y: …
Final answer: The field will be fooValue concatenated with the current date.

Column B
Final answer: The field will be the date of the day.

I really like to be able to see the historical discussion that has led to the current state of every field, but I like to read. My teammates prefer a spreadsheet with 25 rows and questions in a column next to each field, despite the lack of capacity of @ people or seeing who decides what. What kind of design document format would allow me to have the full context available when I would code, but managers and designers do not have to sift it?