Design Manager – ERP System for Personnel Administrators – Complex Information Tree Management

I'm recreating an internal ERP tool to manage user licenses, sales and customer information from a desktop 3D CAD software. This is an administrative portal that allows Autodesk employees to manage user licenses for different products (Maya, 3dsmax, AutoCAD, etc.). We have legacy dongle security hardware that needs to be maintained for legacy users, but we will also implement the cloud in order to move from an old business model to a new one.

A simple case is that the user has trouble granting a license to a member of his team.

Note1: 90% of the user base has 3 licenses on a team of 4 people. While we have a few companies with 100 licenses or more.

Note2: The dongle allocation does not allow the user to use any software, it is used for technical support, decides whether this license is allowed to be used or if the dongle has been stolen.

Note3: The Cloud license will be implemented but I do not have any information about it yet. This will be displayed also included in this screen.

Note 4: There are a multitude of products under one key hardware and my company will also have a cloud license (under development). The difficulty lies in the fact that, since we have legacy users and data, I can not simplify the data structure and these fields because we can not change the current hardware of the dongle on the market because they do not communicate with the database and the dongle. I have to work with what I have so little impact when implementing the new system.