Design of a website based on Python program output

I'm just after a little advice really. I've programmed a Python script that downloads market data from an API, then performs various analyzes and creates charts and graphs displaying that analysis. Two user inputs are needed, such as the period or market they want to analyze, but in general, the script itself is quite simple.

My question is how to create a website and what would be necessary for users to use my script, but via the website. In fact, I only want the script itself to run every 15 minutes, for example, to update the data, then the user can choose the bits that he wants to view.

I'm not looking for a complete answer, plus a simple indication of what would be required and a good tutorial if someone knew one, or even the right thing to do to start googling, or a service that could handle it. . .

I have absolutely no HTML / CSS knowledge and a decent python understanding. FWIW.

thank you so much