Design patterns – Have an idea about why Youtube videos do not follow the natural reading sense with the title?

I write an essay on the design of the layout and on the search of the design pattern of the diagonal layout (the elements should be left aligned at the top and right at the bottom to correctly follow the reading instructions users). I've noticed that the Youtube player only follows the rule to a certain extent, and you can see pretty much any view of the player:

enter the description of the image here

As you can see, the player has the title in a rather difficult place to see, while maintaining the correct position of the feedback buttons and the subscription button.
Usually, as the online articles show, the header is always placed above the content and left aligned for the mentioned reading direction.

I wondered why Youtube would choose this approach. The first thing that comes to mind is that, youtube simply thinks you do not really need the title because you probably clicked on it to watch the video, but I do not really like to draw any conclusions.

Having found no good research on the subject, I ask the question here.

Sorry if it's a rather noob question. I am always a beginner to be honest.
Any help would be incredible 🙂