Design Reasons to Indicate Status on Infinite Scrolling Pages

There are several questions regarding design patterns that apply to infinite scrolling, such as What is the design pattern at the end of infinite scrolling? and also What are the best mobile browsing practices for infinitely scrolling pages with a deep hierarchy?

However, my question is specifically about design templates that help indicate where the user is currently in an infinite scrolling section of a page, which is often simply handled by the same page scroll bar . Although this is a solution to the design model, it exists by default and is not specifically designed to address this problem.

There are also examples of two scrollbars on the same page, which causes some confusion with users, especially in mobile page views, who have to manipulate two scrollbars in a very limited space.

Are there any good examples of how infinite page handles are handles in a web or mobile application providing a clear indication of the current location of the user and then navigating the content?