Despite thousands of impressions and page views, Google Adsense is not registering any clicks

I’ve never seen Google AdSense not count clicks when they happen. If you are getting impressions in AdSense and you see ads on your site yourself, it is probably installed correctly. Users are likely just not clicking on the ads.

The problem is likely your ad placement. When I visit your site, I only see a small add above all the content:

Ads in that position are routinely ignored by everybody. To get users to see ads, they need to be in more visible locations.

  • In between paragraphs of articles
  • In the main column but to the right or left of content
  • Just beneath the content (great for articles because often users are willing to click on an ad when they are done reading)

Take a look at the “Show off your content” section of Google ad placement best practices. Here are some of their suggested layouts:

They also have a lot of advice about what NOT to do.