Display object list with a parameter on Mongoose

I have a find query that returns me a list of objects:

    "_id": "5fb94fda487b9348c4291450",
    "name": [
            "NewConfirmed": 642686,
            "TotalConfirmed": 49315431,
            "NewDeaths": 9555,
            "TotalDeaths": 1242785,
            "NewRecovered": 288131,
            "TotalRecovered": 32473892
            "NewConfirmed": 116262,
            "TotalConfirmed": 6014461,
            "NewDeaths": 4640,
            "TotalDeaths": 371913,
            "NewRecovered": 77575,
            "TotalRecovered": 2492884

Its all fine but im trying to make a new query with a status parameter with the value NewConfirmed or TotalConfirmed or NewDeaths to display only that specific field. So the endpoints would look like /something/status/:status.
I already tried an aggregation with filter and a simple find but still havent figured nothing out.
Anyone has any idea?