Displaying multiple counts in a query

I have the following query:

convert(varchar(100),convertdate,101) (Convertdate),
convert(varchar(100),convertdate,114) (Converttime),
Convert(varchar(20),d.convertbatch) (Convertbatch),
Convert(varchar(20),period) (Period),
count(d.convertbatch) (Total Axiom Time Cards),
round(convert(varchar(20),convert (money,sum(d.amount / 3600.0))) + sum(j.amount / 3600.0),2) (Total Axiom Hours),
sum(base_hrs) (Total Aderant Hours),
count(IMPORT_NUM) (Total Aderant Time Cards),
convert(varchar(20),convert (money,sum(j.amount / 3600.0))) (Total Rejected Hours)
from dtetime d JOIN expert_prod.dbo.tat_time
ON rtrim(d.convertbatch) = rtrim(IMPORT_NUM), (dbo).(dtetime_Rejections) j
where convertdate > current_timestamp -7
and rtrim(d.shortref) = rtrim(_source_systemid)
and rtrim(j.convertbatch) = rtrim(IMPORT_NUM)
and d.converted = ‘Y’ and d.released = ‘Y’
group by d.convertdate, d.convertbatch, post_date, period, import_num,j.convertbatch
order by d.convertbatch desc

The issue I am having is that the “(Total Axiom Time Cards)” and “(Total Aderant Time Cards)” aren’t being calculated correctly. They are way off. Can someone please see what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you